Drug Detoxification- It Is All About Filtering The Body Systems

Often you may have heard about the detox program in treating alcoholism.

Do you have an idea what is this program all about?

Person who are physically dependent on any drug and is habituated with it, they often behave abnormally. To withdraw the habit and the withdrawal symptoms, an intervention process is undergone for a particular period of time. This may involve various treatments methodologies which are provided with ultimate safety in a controlled situation.

In simple words, it filters our body like the liver, kidney and other such vital organs of the body of the poisonous drug. Thus it cleanses the body and gives it a new life to live.

Statistics shows that United States has more than 21 million adults who are literally struggling hard to overcome the intervention. This was the scenario few years back. So the United States Department of health and human services has taken progressive steps to continue the detox process.

Steps of the detoxification

It can be a three steps process:

  • Evaluation: the patient is evaluated of the kind of drug that is inside the patient’s blood stream. Also the mental and physical issues are considered into the evaluation.
  • Stabilization: A patient is into the detoxification process and let them know about it. Medicinal use is not compulsory but used in some cases.
  • Treatment: it is the step which helps the patient in recovering the situation. It completes the entire process.

Period of the treatment

Now it is the question how long does these three steps takes to complete?

Well, it depends on the situation and the intensity of the patient. But normally it may lasts for few days to few weeks. On an average, 7 days detox program is considered the normal. The above three steps can be easily undergone within this 7 days periods to get rid of alcoholism.

After care of the detox process is very vital one. Managing the craving for the drug is the highest goal pursued by the detox process. If the patients has gained stability and has overcome the various withdrawal symptoms, then the aim of the detox process sis fulfilled. Check out the drug detox program at the https://lighthousetreatment.com/drug-rehab-orange-county.

Don’t be tensed about these withdrawal symptoms

Now if you are to help any of your loved ones, you should be prepared to look them at a pain for few days. These are the withdrawal symptoms which a real- time struggle for them. and here plays the vital role of yours to support the patients and be on their side. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms are:

  1. Heart rate gets irregular.
  2. Blood pressure of the body gets disturbed
  3. Patients may get some issues with the breathing
  4. Cannot sleep peacefully
  5. Aches in the muscles at various parts of the body
  6. Headaches
  7. Dizziness and Nausea and vomiting tendency
  8. Sudden loss of hunger or getting hungry suddenly hence Weight loss
  9. Excessive sweating
  10. Body temperature fluctuates
  11. Diarrhea
  12. Depression, anxiety, restlessness
  13. Cannot concentrate or loss of memory in some cases (temporary)

Any of these symptoms can be the withdrawal symptoms and you need to be careful while handling it. But it ensures that the detox process has started its magic on the patient.

At conclusion, it is always suggested to start the alcoholism treatment with the detox program. It is healthy and also ensures permanent solution.